Because of a shortage of good "vanity" domain names, or a free home page with a long URL (ex.) (what a mouthful!), many domain names are too long or too hard to remember.

A "shortcut" is an easy to remember web address that links to your "real" URL. This makes it easy for you and your customers or friends to get to your website.

If you had a long address like Mr. Quayle's above, we would give you a "shortcut" like

A Shortcut is very easy to remember, and it's 100% FREE, no strings or hidden fees. The reason we can make this fabulous service available for free is because we make money from our advertisers, so we do not have to charge you!

It only takes 60 seconds to create your "shortcut" on, so click the add a shortcut button below, and in one minute your shortcut will be processed by our computer, and in a few days your FREE shortcut will be active. Your shortcut is FREE for life, so go ahead and use it in your advertising, or on your business cards.

Thanks for visiting our website.

Gary Cohn, President

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